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Valentine's Day Math Conversation Hearts Project

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Valentine's Day Math Conversation Hearts Project contains 17 pages of printable Valentine's Day math activities to use with candy conversation hearts. Grab some bags or boxes of conversation hearts and get ready for your students to have tons of fun! These work perfectly for small groups, centers, informal assessments, review, etc. Ideal for grades 4-6.

Included with this Valentine's Day Math Conversation Hearts Project:
Instructions for setup and how to play
16 activity pages addressing the following skills
• Addition and Subtraction
• Multiplication Arrays
• Multiplication and Division
• Factors and Multiples
• Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor
• Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
• Fractions
• Fractions Problems
• Decimals
• Bar Graphs
• Picture Graphs
• Coordinate Plane (1st Quadrant)
• Coordinate Plane (All Quadrants)
• Customary Measurement
• Perimeter and Area
• Nutrition Facts Problems
1 page of extension activities

Answer keys are not included since most problems depend on each student's bag of conversation hearts.

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