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Valentine's Day Math Color-by-Number - 3rd Grade

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Valentine's Day Math Color-by-Number set comes with 6 Valentine's Day color-by-number activities for reviewing 3rd grade math skills. This Valentine's Day math set is perfect to use in centers, in small groups, or with the whole class!

Included with this Valentine's Day Math Color-by-Number set:
6 color by number worksheets
6 student problem worksheets
6 teacher answer sheets

Here are the skills covered by these Valentine's Day math color-by-number activities:

• Determining the missing number in addition and subtraction problems within 1,000
• Determining the missing number in multiplication and division facts
• Naming the fraction from a picture
• Naming the fraction from a number line
• Solving problems using a bar graph and picture graph
• Determining how many minutes have elapsed when given a start time and end time (within 1 hour)

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