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Unit Rates Logic Puzzle Cards

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Unit Rates Word Problems Logic Puzzle Cards make solving unit rate word problems fun! Included are 2 logic puzzles and 24 word problem cards that require students to use unit rates to solve real-world problems. The cards are DIFFERENTIATED into two levels, so that you can have each student working at their appropriate level!

As the teacher, you will place the cards all around the room. Students will solve the unit rate problems on each card. Then, students will find their answers on their clue sheet. Students use the clues that match their answers to solve the logic puzzle correctly.

Included with this Unit Rates Word Problems Logic Puzzle Cards set:
    •Instructions for play
    •24 unit rates scavenger hunt cards
        •12 Level 1 cards (one-step problems)
        •12 Level 2 cards (multi-step problems)
    •2 logic puzzles (1 for Level 1 and 1 for Level 2)
    •Answer keys

NOTE: In order to save ink, the graphics on these cards are black and white. They look best when printed on colored paper, as shown on the cover image.

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