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Thanksgiving Math Bingo Game - 2nd Grade

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Thanksgiving Math Bingo Game for 2nd grade makes practicing math WORD PROBLEMS fun for the whole class! Included are 24 addition and subtraction word problems for your students to practice Common Core standard 2.NBT.B.5.

Included in this Thanksgiving Math Bingo Game:
• Instructions for setup and how to play
• 1 student worksheet with 24 Thanksgiving addition and subtraction word problems (one-step only)
• 1 teacher answer key
• 1 calling cards sheet
• 1 Bingo squares sheet
• 1 blank, customizable Thanksgiving BINGO card

This Thanksgiving Math Bingo Game has a sheet of 24 word problems that students complete independently before the game (you can even use them like task cards!). The answers to the problems are used to make the Bingo card. In order for a student to get Bingo, he/she has to have the all of the answers correct for the problems that have been called.

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