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Root Words Bump Games

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Root Words Bump Games contains 10 different games to help students practice defining common Greek and Latin roots. These Root Words Bump Games are divided into 5 sets (with 2 different bump games per set) so that students can practice with just a chunk of word roots at a time!

Game A for each set of roots: Match the root to its definition
Game B for each set of roots: Read the definition of a word and fill in the missing root

These bump games are so simple to use, and take a minimal amount of prep. Simply print out the game sheet, get 2 dice, 2 game pieces, and 20 counters, and you'll be ready to go!

Included with this Root Words Bump Games set:
Instructions for play
10 different bump games (2 games for each of the 5 sets of root words)

55 Common Roots Covered!
aqua, ast/astr, aud, auto, bene, bio, brev, cent, chron, cogn, cred, cycl, dict, duc, fac, fin, flex/flect, frag/frac, fort, gen, geo, graph, hydr, ject, loc, log, luc/lum, mal, man, mand/mend, max, min, mit, nov, orig, path, ped, phil, phon, photo, port, rupt, scop, scrib/script, sens/sent, spec, struct, tact, tele, terra, therm, tract, vac, vid/vis, viv

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