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Poetry Activities Bundle - Games 4 Gains

Poetry Activities Bundle

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Poetry Activities Bundle contains 6 different poetry games and activities to help students practice understanding figurative language and interpreting poetry. Students will have a blast as they practice poetry in all of these fun and engaging ways!

For a limited time, this Poetry Activities Bundle is 20% off the individual prices of these games and activities!

Want to learn more about what you'll get? Click on the links below to view the individual previews for each activity. Remember, you'll get all 6 games and activities for 20% off when you purchase the bundle!

Similes 'Clip and Flip' Cards

Metaphors 'Clip and Flip' Cards

Idioms 'Clip and Flip' Cards

Figurative Language Superhero Draw

Poetry Board Game

Who Am I?' School Poetry Task Cards

These poetry games and activities are perfect for small groups and centers, or can even be used as informal assessment tools!