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Place Value Brainium Game

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Place Value Brainium Game is a math version of the popular kids game, Cranium!  This place value game gets kids using their ENTIRE brain while practicing numbers to 10,000. In this fun place value game, kids will work in teams to draw, sculpt, unscramble and solve their way to victory (and place value mastery)!

Skills covered in this 

Place Value Brainium Game:
Writing numbers in standard, expanded, and word form
Explaining the place value and value of each digit in a number
Comparing numbers (>, <, or =)
Ordering numbers from least to greatest or greatest to least
Rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred

Included in this 

Place Value Brainium Game set:
Instructions for play
Brainium game board
160 Brainium place value game cards
• 52 Word Wizard cards (unscramble words and answer true/false and fill in the blank questions)
• 52 Solution Sleuth cards (solve basic questions and word problems)
• 56 Creative Cat cards (draw and sculpt)

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