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Multi-Step Word Problems Task Cards for 2nd Grade

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Word problems can be fun to solve with these Multi-Step Word Problem Task Cards for 2nd Grade.  Included are 24 challenging multi-step word problem cards that require students to use their addition and subtraction skills.

As the teacher, you will place the cards in secret places all around the room. Students will hunt for a card and solve the problem on that card. Then, students will hunt around the room trying to find the answer to the problem they just solved on a different card. When they find the card with that answer, they'll solve the problem shown on that card and then go on a hunt again. Students will love moving around the room trying to find their next question card!

Included with this Multi-Step Word Problem Task Cards for 2nd Grade set:
Instructions for play
24 multi-step scavenger hunt cards (addition and subtraction only)
Answer sheets
Answer key

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