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Jeopardy Math Review Game - 3rd Grade

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Jeopardy Math Review Game for 3rd Grade gets students excited about practicing their knowledge of place value, operations, fractions, measurement, data, and geometry.

To play the game, students divide into four teams that will compete against one another to answer a variety of math questions and earn the highest score. As the teacher, you will act as the game show host by leading students through all of the questions in this fun Powerpoint game and keeping score.

Included with this Jeopardy Math Review Game for 3rd Grade:
• Instructions for use
• Jeopardy Powerpoint presentation with macros (for Windows users only)
• Jeopardy Powerpoint presentation without macros (for both Windows and Mac users)

IMPORTANT: The version with macros has unique features that enable you to keep score within the presentation itself and to reset both the scores and the game board. However, that version is only guaranteed to work on Windows computers. I've also included a version without macros that can be used on any computer with Powerpoint, including Macs. This version does not allow you to keep score within the presentation, but you can simply record the scores on your blackboard.

This Powerpoint game is NOT editable.

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