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Graphing Two Number Patterns "Reveal-an-Image" Task Cards

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Engage your students with these Graphing Two Number Patterns "Reveal-an-Image" Task Cards and get them to practice generating two number patterns and plotting coordinate pairs on the coordinate plane!

For this activity, students move around the room to solve each of the 20 number pattern task cards. The problems on the task cards require students to generate two patterns in order to find the x and y coordinates. Students use their answers to plot points on the coordinate plane. When the lines are connected, a picture will be revealed

This activity is meant to support Common Core 5.OA.B.3: Generate two numerical patterns using two given rules. Form ordered pairs consisting of corresponding terms from the two patterns, and graph the ordered pairs on a coordinate plane.

Included with these Graphing Two Number Patterns "Reveal-an-Image" Task Cards:
• Directions for use
• 20 task cards
• Answer sheets
• Blank coordinate plane sheet (1st quadrant only)
• Answer keys

1. You do not need to use the coordinate plane with this activity, but I've found that generating the image is a great way to motivate students to work through the problems.

2. There are a few problems that require students to add/subtract using decimals. The only decimal amount included is 0.5.

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