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Easter Reading Comprehension Board Game

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Easter Reading Comprehension Board Game contains 30 game cards and a game board to help students practice a variety of fiction and nonfiction reading skills. Each game card includes an Easter-themed paragraph and a multiple choice question to assess students' understanding of main idea, inference, author's purpose, cause and effect, text structure, and more!

Included with this Easter Reading Comprehension Board Game:
• Instructions for play
• Game board
• 30 paragraph game cards (15 nonfiction and 15 fiction cards)

The answers are included on the back of the cards.

Note: Only two of the cards refer to a religious aspect of Easter. One card is about the Christian meaning of Easter (presented in a factual way) and the other card is a fiction story about two friends going to Easter Mass. These cards can easily be removed from the game if required by your school.

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