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Decimals Games for 5th Grade

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Decimals Games for 5th Grade contains 12 fun and engaging printable board games to help students to practice the following Common Core standards:

Read, write, and compare decimals to thousandths.

Read and write decimals to thousandths using base-ten numerals, number names, and expanded form.

Compare two decimals to thousandths based on meanings of the digits in each place, using >, =, and < symbols to record the results of comparisons.

Use place value understanding to round decimals to any place.

These games are so simple to use and require very minimal prep. They are perfect to use in math centers or as extension activities when students complete their work!

Included with this Decimals Games for 5th Grade set:
Instructions for play
12 printable games

Want to learn more about the games included? Check out the preview file.