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Contractions Bump Games

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Contractions Bump Games contains 12 different contractions games to help students practice selecting the correct contraction in a sentence and to help students understand the meaning of a contraction in a sentence (Common Core L.1 for grades 2-4).

These bump games are so simple to use, and take a minimal amount of prep. Simply print out the game sheet, get 2 dice and 20 counters, and you'll be ready to go!

To play, students will roll the dice and find the corresponding sentence. Then, they have to find the correct contraction on the game board and cover it with their counter. Students have to get all of the counters onto the game board without getting "bumped" off by the other player.

Included with this Contractions Bump Games set:
Instructions for play
12 different bump games
*6 games where students have to select the correct contraction for the underlined words in a sentence
*6 games where students have to select the meaning of the contraction used in the sentence

Note: The sentences in the first set of 6 games are the same as the sentences in the second set of 6 games. Students just have to complete the "reverse" activity (translating "you have" to "you've" vs. translating "you've" to "you have").

Contractions covered in this set: I am, I will, I had, I have, I would, You are, You will, You had, You have, You would, She is, She will, She had, She has, She would, He is, He will, He had, He has, He would, It is, It will, It had, It has, It would, We are, We will, We had, We have, We would, They are, They will, They had, They have, They would, Who is, Who will, Who had, Who has, Who would, Is not, Are not, Was not, Were not, Have not, Has not, Had not, Will not, Would not, Do not, Does not, Did not, Cannot, Could not, Should not, Must not, Would not, Should have, Could have, Might have, What have, Let us, That is, There is, Where is

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