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Commas 'Clip and Flip' Cards - Grades 4-6

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Commas 'Clip and Flip' Cards for grades 4-6 contains 72 self-correcting cards to help students practice identifying where to use commas. There are 9 different comma rules covered by these cards (see below), with 8 cards per rule.

On top of that, these cards are differentiated! Half of the cards for each rule show both the rule and an example sentence on the card while the other half do not.

These Commas 'Clip and Flip' cards are so simple to use! Students use clothespins to clip the answer that they believe is correct on the card. Then, they flip over the card to check their answer.

Included with these Commas 'Clip and Flip' cards:
Instructions for single player and multi-player use
72 'Clip and Flip' cards covering a variety of comma rules:
• Commas in direct quotations at the end of the sentence
• Commas in direct quotations at the beginning of the sentence
• Commas in direct quotations that are interrupted in the sentence
• Commas before coordinating conjunctions in compound sentences
• Commas in a series
• Commas after introductory elements
• Commas to set off yes and no
• Commas before tag questions
• Commas to separate a direct address

This activity supports the following Common Core standards:

Use commas and quotation marks to mark direct speech and quotations from a text.

Use a comma before a coordinating conjunction in a compound sentence.

Use punctuation to separate items in a series.

Use a comma to separate an introductory element from the rest of the sentence.

Use a comma to set off the words yes and no (e.g., Yes, thank you), to set off a tag question from the rest of the sentence (e.g., It's true, isn't it?), and to indicate direct address (e.g., Is that you, Steve?).

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