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Planning Christmas {Differentiated} Math Project

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This Planning Christmas {Differentiated} Math Project gets students practicing a wide variety of key math skills while working their way through a fun real-world scenario. Students will have a blast preparing for their family's Christmas celebration! They must determine how much time they have left to complete various tasks, shop for gifts, decorate the house and tree, bake gingerbread cookies, and much more!

There are two different versions of this project included: basic and advanced. While most activities are the same, the main difference is that the advanced version includes decimals and decimal operations (particularly with money). The basic version is ideal for 4th grade, while the advanced version is ideal for 5th grade.

Skills covered:
• Addition
• Subtraction
• Multiplication
• Multiplicative comparison
• Division
• Number patterns
• Perimeter and area
• Measurement conversions
• Elapsed time
• Fractions
• Decimals and decimal operations*

*Only in the advanced version of this packet.

Included with this Planning Christmas Math Project:
• Instructions for use
• Basic project packet (32 pages of math activities)
• Advanced project packet (32 pages of math activities)
• Answer keys (for problems that have only one possible answer)

Please Note: This packet is meant to be used in its entirety over multiple days. Students will get the most benefit from seeing how math is used throughout the entire Christmas planning process!

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