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Water Cycle 'Superhero Draw' Game

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Water Cycle 'Superhero Draw' Game brings you 6 wildly fun water cycle games in one! Students will have a blast playing these popular card games while practicing their water cycle vocabulary. Each card game has been specifically adapted for using this water cycle cards deck. These games work great as a pair/group activity, or for use in science centers.

Included with this Water Cycle 'Superhero Draw' Game:

*Directions for playing 6 popular card games adapted for these cards (UNO, Spoons, Go Fish!, Old Maid, Memory, Slapjack) + ideas for fun variations and extension activities

*96 water cycle vocabulary game cards (18 word cards, 18 definition cards, 36 sentence cards for filling in the blank with the words)

Vocabulary terms covered: water cycle, water molecules, evaporation, water vapor, condensation, clouds, precipitation, surface water, groundwater, runoff, collection, watershed, aquifer, infiltration, transpiration, hydrosphere, freeze, melt

*32 "action" game cards for playing UNO and Old Maid

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