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Matter 'Superhero Draw' Game

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Matter 'Superhero Draw' Game brings you 6 wildly fun matter games in one! Students will have a blast playing these popular card games as they practice their matter vocabulary. These games work great as a pair/group activity, or for use in science centers.

Included with this Matter Superhero Draw game:

*Directions for playing 6 popular card games adapted for these cards (UNO, Spoons, Go Fish!, Old Maid, Memory, Slapjack) + ideas for fun variations and extension activities

*96 science tools vocabulary game cards (24 word cards, 24 definition cards, and 48 fill-in-the-blank cards); see the preview images for more details about the types of cards provided

Matter vocabulary covered: matter, properties, states of matter, solid, liquid, gas, evaporation, condensation, melting, boiling, freezing, mass, volume, density, temperature, magnetism, solubility, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, mixture, solution, compound, physical change, chemical change

*32 "action" game cards for playing UNO and Old Maid

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