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Multiplication 'Superhero Draw' Game

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Multiplication 'Superhero Draw' Game includes 180 multiplication game cards for 10 wildly fun multiplication games! Students will have a blast playing these popular card games while practicing their multiplication facts! Each card game has been specifically adapted for using this multiplication cards deck. These games work great as a pair/group activity, or for use in math centers.

Included with this Multiplication 'Superhero Draw' Game:

*Directions for playing 10 popular card games adapted for these multiplication cards (UNO, Spoons, Go Fish!, Old Maid, War, Memory, Slapjack, Spit, Blackjack, and Ranter-Go-Round) + ideas for fun variations and extension activities

*144 multiplication game cards representing multiplication facts from 3-10 (36 multiplication sentence cards, 36 multiplication picture cards showing arrays and equal groups, 36 distributive property of multiplication cards, and 36 multiplication product cards)

*36 "action" game cards for playing UNO and Old Maid

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