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Context Clues 'Clip and Flip' Cards (Grade 2-3)

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Context Clues 'Clip and Flip' Cards contains 36 self-correcting cards to help students practice determining the meaning of unknown words in context. These cards cover four common types of context clues: definition, antonym, synonym, inference.

These Context Clues 'Clip and Flip' cards are so simple to use! Students use clothespins to show the correct definition of the underlined word in the passage on the card. Then, they flip over the card to check their work.

Included with these Context Clues 'Clip and Flip' cards:
• Instructions for single player and multi-player use
• 36 'Clip and Flip' cards

Note: This set works best for grades 2-3. A set for grades 4-5 is available!

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