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Place Value Game: Top Up!

Posted by Brittney Field on

This place value game is one of my favorites because it is easy-to-prep and simple to learn.  On top of that, it can be differentiated for different levels of students with very little effort; use the same rules and cards to play with 2-digit numbers or 6-digit numbers (see below "Differentiating the game").  And, once students know how to play the game, it's easy for them to work their way to the larger numbers.

Here's how you can play "Place Value Top-Up":

Number of players: This game can be played with any number of players.  However, as you increase the number of players, the number of cards you'll need increases as well.  I'd recommend 2-4 players for best results.

Preparing the materials: Print out the game mats and number cards that I've created for this game by CLICKING HERE.  Further instructions for preparing the game materials are included within the document.   You can also use a regular deck of cards (values 2-9 only) for this game, but the cards I've provided also include 0 and 1.

 Grab these free place value mats and game cards at!  Plus, learn how to play a fun and easy place value game to use with them.


Getting ready to play:

1. Give every player the same place value game mat.  I've included a game mat through hundreds and a game mat through thousands in the packet.  If you want to play with 5-digit numbers or greater, just skip using the mats.  

2. Shuffle the game cards.  If playing with 3-digit numbers (hundreds game mat), deal 3 cards to each player.  If playing with 4-digit numbers (thousands game mat), deal 4 cards to each player.  The remaining cards should be placed in a pile facedown in the middle of the table.

3. Each player decides how he/she wants to arrange the cards on his/her game mat, as shown below.  Once a player has placed his/her game cards, they cannot be changed.

 Setting up this FREE place value game from is super easy!

Note: After playing the game a few times, students should realize that the best strategy is to start with the lowest possible number.

Playing the game:

1. The first player picks a card from the draw pile.  The player must cover one of the numbers on his/her game mat with that card.  When the player covers one of the numbers, the new number CANNOT be less than the number that was previously shown.

Try this fun and easy place value game for FREE at!

Try this fun and easy place value game for FREE at!

Try this fun and easy place value game for FREE at! 


2. If the player cannot cover any of the numbers on his/her game mat (because the new number will be less than the current number), then that player is out of the game.

 Try this fun and easy place value game for FREE at!


3. Play continues with each player taking a turn picking one card and making a new number, if possible.  The last person to remain in the game is the winner.


Differentiating the game:

Don't forget that you can differentiate this game in any number of ways.  It could be used for 3-digit, 5-digit, or even 6-digit numbers!  Plus, if you add a decimal point, it can be played with decimals to any place value!



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  • I love this game. Such a great idea. I would love to use it with older students is there any way you could create a game board for up to 100 thousand. Some of my fourth graders still need the place value titles. Thank you so much for sharing this game. Love it

    Bronwyne on
  • I love the games you post on Pinterest. I have printed many different one. I always look to see who it is made by. When I see games4gains I Know it’s good!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Laurie Brown on

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