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'Bump' Up The Fun With These Free Halloween Games!

Posted by Brittney Field on

It's hard to believe that Halloween is just a few weeks away! Perhaps you have already decorated your classroom or are starting to gather some activities to use for some fun Halloween review. Today I have a Halloween freebie that is quick and easy to use in your reading centers... and as always, it's lots of fun!

Halloween Bump Games: Context Clues and Idioms

Materials needed:

  • Click here to download: Free Halloween Bump Games
  • 20 counters (10 in one color and 10 in a different color)
    • For fun, I used some colored googly eyes that I found at the dollar store, but you can use any counters or small beads that you have.
  • 2 dice
  • Envelope or folder for storing the games

Setting up:

All you have to do is print the game pages and grab the materials!  It's that easy!

Playing the game:

Object of the game: To be the first person to have all of his/her counters on the game board.

Number of players: 2

1. Each player takes 10 counters of the same color (i.e. one player gets 10 orange counters and one player gets 10 green counters).

2. Each player rolls a dice.  Whoever has the highest roll goes first.

3. The first player rolls both dice.  The player adds the numbers of both dice together (i.e. if the player rolled a 6 and a 4, the sum of both dice is 10), and finds that number in the chart.  The player reads the sentence beside that number, determines the definition of the underlined word (context clues) or phrase (idioms), and covers the space with the corresponding answer with one of his/her counters.

  • If the space with the corresponding answer has already been covered by the other player, the player can bump the other player’s counter off of the space and replace it with his/her own counter.

  • If the space with the corresponding answer has already been covered by his/her own counter, the player can place a second counter on top of it. When two of a player’s counters are on top of the same space, that player’s counters can no longer get bumped off by the other player. They are locked in.

  • If the space with the corresponding answer has already been locked in by either player, the player cannot do anything. He/she must wait for the next turn.

4. Play continues with each player taking turns until one player has placed all of his/her counters onto the game board.  That player is the winner!


Looking for other fun Halloween games and activities? Here are some of the favorites from our store:


We also have these fun sets for practicing idioms and context clues!


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