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The App Every Classroom Should Have!

Posted by Brittney Field on

Create a store in your classroom with this exciting app, and get FREE task cards to use with it at

Note: I am not associated with the Storest app in any way.  I do not earn any commission from promoting this app on my blog.  I just love this product and want other teachers and parents to know about it.  Be sure to download my free task cards at the bottom of this page to use with this app.

Most kids love playing store, and now I've found a super fun (and very affordable) way for you to bring the fun of playing store to your classroom.  I want to share with you the iTunes app, Storest, which lets you create a store in your classroom using just your printer and an iPad.

This app makes it super easy to set up a store in your classroom!  After purchasing ($2.99 at the time of writing) and downloading the app, all you need to do is print out the colorful products, bills, coins, and foldable shelves.  Each product gets cut out and placed onto the shelves as if you were creating a real store (perhaps a great teachable moment for learning about how businesses place products strategically on the shelves).

Storest from Pixle on Vimeo.

Kids can then select and purchase their products as if they were actually shopping.  Because each item contains a scannable bar code, the virtual cash register on the app will recognize each product when scanned, just like at a normal store.  The child buying the items has to count his or her money to make sure he or she gives the correct amount, and the child running the cash register has to count the correct amount of change.  What a practical way to improve your students' money skills!

Once your students need more of a challenge than simply counting money, you could also set your own 'limitations' on students when playing the game.  For example:

  • Give each student a maximum amount of money he or she can spend.  That way, each student must add up the total of the products in his or her "basket" while shopping to make sure that he or she does not go over the amount.
  • Have students use pen and paper to calculate the total and the amount of change before getting to use the cash register.  They only get to use the cash register to confirm whether or not they are correct.
  • Provide students with task cards to use alongside the app that require them to find products that add up to a certain amount of money or that require them to get a certain amount of change back.  YOU CAN DOWNLOAD SOME SAMPLE TASK CARDS I'VE CREATED FOR THIS APP BY CLICKING HERE: Free Task Cards for Storest.


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